Club Runs



For most riders, the first introduction to something a little more serious is “The Club Run”. They are always referred to as a “Run”, but as cyclists very few of can run, but put us on a bike and we will keep going for years.


Every Sunday we meet at Cobham memorial at 9am and set off for 2 to 3 hour ride. Even when it is snowing!



Sometimes the runs are organised and somebody has planned a route and sometimes we decide on the day, depending on who turns up.


Sometimes just one or two and sometimes in double figures, but 9 time out of 10, there will be somebody out for the morning.


If you would like to join us – just turn up at Cobham.





To give you a flavour of the sort of rides we do, have a browse down the list below.




Run Name




Isle of Grain Loop
Windy and exposed and fairly flat and away from the traffic. One of Colin's favourites


"Len's Route"
One of our favourites - quite lanes and not too many hills aprt from the last run up to Cobham

NB - Route follows the M2 Service road over the Medway, rather than through Rochester as shown on the map.


Kings Hill - Ightham Mote
Down via Birling Hill to West Malling. Up Kings Hill and right through to Shipborne. Onwards to Ighham Mote, then head for the top of Exedown via Terry's Lodge. Cross the A20 and finish off thru Meopham Green and finish at the parade of shops near the turn off for Longfield.


Autumn Leaves Run (Horton Kirby - Knats Valley)
A climbers special, keeping off all main roads, with lots of descents & climbs


Shorham- Knockholt - Pilgrims Way - Snodland
Out through Longfied Hill and Eynsford, cutting across the top of Shoreham Village to cross the A21 and to Knockholt. Turn left and drop down to the Pilgrim's Way and follow this through Otford, Wrotham and Burling to come out at Snodlan, then up our favourite climb back to Cobham.


Crockenhill Loop
Out through Swanley and Crockenhill, back along the Pilgrim's way to Wrotham, then home via Snodland and our favourite climb up to Cobham


Le Tour Route to Leeds
Starting with the reverse of our normal route, through Burham and down to Hollingbourne. Cross over the A20 to Leeds and meander back via Cuxton, back up the hill to Cobham.

NB - Route follows the M2 Service road over the Medway, rather than through Rochester as shown on the map.


Out through Eynsford & Knockholt to Tatsfield and back vis the Pilrim's Way, Terry's Lodge and Meopham Green


Cobham to Whyteleafe & Back
A longish route along B roads, but with a few exciting descents thrown in. A long climb just at the half-way stage, then a fairly rapid return through Shoreham and then back to Cobham