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Welcome to the start of the 2021 season - well at least we hope so! April is scheduled to be the tentative restart of cycling activities and certainly we will be restarting the Evening 10m time trials on April 6th but under the same Covid precautionary measures that were applied in 2020. Let's hope that the Covid situation continues to improve and that we will not have to resort to another restriction of activities.

Unfortunately, but understandably, virtually all the GCC normal cycling activities were curtailed in 2020. We only managed a few Evening 10s and the Hill Climb. All the main highlights of the year were lost - the usual trip to the Alps or Pyrenees and the Club Dinner & Awards evening. So since September 2020 there has been very little or no Club group activity so it is sincerely hoped that now we are in the 'rebuild' phase - Covid and vaccines permitting. Whether the overseas trip and the Dinner will occur again in 2021 will be a question of wait and see I'm afraid, especially given the increasing problems in Europe at the moment. Perhaps a 'mountain staycation' might be the answer!

We have a full racing programme - Club Championships at the various levels, the Evening 10 time trial series as well as the normal trophies for various races and other cycling activities. You can see these all detailed in the March Newsletter on the Club website.

There is now a history of the Club from its formation in 1923 to the Grand Reunion Dinner in 1946. 66 pages, over 30 photos, many tables and charts of information of cycling achievements during this period. All laying the foundations for the Club we have today. An interesting and worthwhile read. 4 to Club members, 5 if postage is needed. Non-members 5 +1 postage if needed.

The situation with Club Runs is that at the moment there are only groups of 6 permitted but hopefully that will increase in the coming weeks. CRs start from the War Memorial in Cobham each Sunday, 8:30am.

Please check the website for further information and certainly the Newsletters section contains a wealth of current and historical information going back over many years, so you should be able to get a good idea of what the Club is like and whether it might be to your tastes. The first year of membership is free - to give both parties the chance to 'weigh each other up'! And there is no requirement to buy or ride in Club kit during this year. Hopefully then we will see you riding in Gravesend kit in the second year!

Safe riding Mike Coulter (Secretary)

Feel free to contact the club admin team on:

01474 814 475 - Mike


01474 707 747 - Andy