Evening 10 Mile TT Series

Gravesend C.C. offers its members a wide range of racing activities. A racing program is published annually detailing all Club events and those open events that count towards the Club championship. The Club is affiliated to the following organisations; Cycling Time Trials, Kent Cycling Association and British Cycling.

Please be aware that the following rules must be adhered to when riding the Club evening 10s... These rules include Covid precautions which are necessary for the safety of riders, organisers and the public.

1. A working front and rear light are now COMPULSORY…. No lights, no ride.

2. Helmets must be worn.

3. In April & August the maximum number of riders per event is restricted. However 10 places will be reserved for GCC riders. This option will close 20 minutes before the start of the race to allow any waiting non-GCC rider to take up any vacant GCC reserved place, sign on and get ready.

4. Race fee is now - £5 EXACT MONEY please, dropped into the container by the signing on sheet. Race fees to be confirmed

5. Please observe the social distancing guidance in force at that time.

6. Signing on will start one hour before the start time and will close 15 mins before the first rider is off.

7. Riders to provide your own pen. Anyone signing on must be gloved or to have used the sanitiser before signing on.

8. Riders to take their own number when signing on. At the finish to place number in designated container.

9. There will be NO pusher-off. Riders will self start.

10. Results. Will be published on the website.

11. Any government restrictions announced will obviously supersede the restrictions above.